Brothers and sisters at Westney Heights,
On March 7th we will begin “30 days of prayer” for our church. Our emphasis on prayer will appear in weekly prayer meetings, in periodic updates sent to you and in a new sermon series called “Prayer in the Early Church”. Each week we will look at a chapter from the book of Acts with a special sensitivity to the prayer that occurs in that chapter. The series looks like this:
March 7: Acts 1 “The Centrality of Corporate Prayer”
March 14: Acts 8 “The Ingredients of Prayer”
March 21: Acts 12 “The Practice of Prayer”
March 28: Acts 27 “The Peace of Prayer”
Before each sermon, I would like to encourage you to read the chapter over several times. To help us do that, I have prepared a sort of “running commentary” for each chapter. These comments come from my own study of the chapter in preparation to preach. The purpose of these running commentaries is not to outline the sermon, but to familiarize us with the chapter in preparation to hear the sermon. My hope is that having this document will cause us to read slowly, thoughtfully and carefully. Thank you for joining us on this journey of prayer!

week 4

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week 2

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