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WHYouth is a ministry of Westney Heights Baptist Church. This group is for all youth who are in grade 7 to 12.

We meet Friday nights at the church from 7pm to 10pm. The night consists of “big” games and “big” teaching time, where the whole group meets together. We also have worship times with our youth band. That goes from 7 – 8pm.

Then the youth group splits up into our small group time. Youth are put into a small group based on age and each group has a team of leaders who lead a bible study time with discussion at the appropriate age level.

Then at 9pm we have free time with sports in the gym, hangout in the youth room with ping pong, pool table and hang out spaces for everyone until 10pm. There is a tuck shop at this time.

Pickup is at 10pm.

There is always lots going on and special events, retreats and banquets happen throughout the year. We would love to connect your youth to a great community of youth leaders and youth.

For more information, please contact Pastor Bob at bob@westney.ca,

905.686.7782 x5 (After hours – 647-328-0157).

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