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by | Jun 4, 2023

George & Karen King
Field: Birmingham, UK
Email: georgeking@abwe.cc
Mission : ABWE Canada


George and Karen King are followers of Jesus Christ serving with ABWE Canada. They live in Birmingham, England where they minister at Stechford Baptist Church. Since 1987, George and Karen King have served as Christian workers in the Muslim world, in a variety of contexts and ways. In 2008, they moved to Birmingham, England to undertake new mínistry challenges. Part of George’s ministry assignment is to pastor a church with many Muslim neighbours, and help the church learn to do ministry in a new way. Another part is to network with regional church leaders and Christian workers regarding sharing Christ with Muslims, and to set the example through active involvement in outreach efforts. Karen teaches English as a second language to women and ministers to girls and small children.

Jeff & Rachel Lee
Field: Western Ontario
Email: jeff@cefontario.org
Mission: Child Evangelism Fellowship


Jeffrey and Rachel Lee are currently serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF Ontario) helping to reach kids with the gospel since 1939 through evangelism, discipleship and establishing them in the local church. Jeff serves as Ministry Development Coordinator of Western Ontario, connecting with churches to develop ministry, provide training and support interns. Rachel serves on the CEF Ontario operations team.

Tarcisio & Jurema Porto
Field: Montes Claros, Brazil
Email: tcporto@gmail.com
Mission: Emmanuel International


Tarcisio and Jurema Porto live in Montes Claros Brazil with their sons Arthur and Andre. Tarcisio ministers as a pastor out of Setima Igreja Presbiteriana. They work with Emmanuel International. “Montes Claros has innumerous caves and 164 cataloged archaeological sites, among which the most important are the caves of Lapa Grande, where there is an underground river with a length of more than one kilometers. Lapa Grande is located in the Serra da Vieira, 12 kilometers from Montes Claros.” quoted from Wikipedia. Tarcisio is interested in fishing and Jurema enjoys quilting. Arthur likes soccer, drums and computers. Andre likes bass and computers.

Tim & Janice Phillips
Field: Niamey, Niger
Mission: Faith Baptist Mission


Janice is from Toronto, Ontario. Tim is from Cedarville, OH. They work with Faith Baptist Mission. (FBM)
Tim and Janice Phillips have lived in Niger, West Africa since 1991. They work at Sahel Academy in Niamey as dorm parents. They met and fell in love in Africa. They have a passion for young people, the children of missionaries. They have been called to minister to Missionary families by partnering with parents to care for their children while they are at boarding school. They have a daughter Mikaylah and a son Jayson.

Shawn & Alison James
Field: Toronto, Canada
Email: shawn@urbanpromise.com
Mission: Urban Promise


Growing up in Malvern, Shawn found himself asking his church, “What are you doing to save kids like me?” When the response was a resounding, “What are you going to do about it, Shawn?” a light bulb turned on and he accepted the challenge. Shawn joined Urban Promise in 2001 and has helped lead our team to where we are today. Three of Shawn’s favourite things are his wife, Alison, and their two young children. Urban Promise Toronto exists to proclaim the love of Jesus, and to express it through the spiritual, social and educational development of children, youth and families living in Toronto Community Housing. Our vision is to reach as many children as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ, raise them into spiritual leaders, and then watch as God uses them to restore their own communities.



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